JOHANNA Single Lucky Charm

Collaboration piece Johanna Olk X Nouare 


The face is to protect.

The back side of the pendent is engraved with the initials JN.


*Please allow 15 days for your Lucky charm to be sent.


  • Handmade 
  • Recycled silver 
  • Drawings by JOHANNA OLK
  • Option gold vermeil: Recycled gold Plated 3 microns on top of the recycled silver 



Ce pendentif est vendu individuellement pour vous permettre l'ajouter à une paire de boucle ou une chaine.


Le visage pour protéger

Le dos du pendentif est gravé avec nos deux initiales JN.


Johanna is a French artist and when I first saw her work through @claracappagli stories it was love at first sights. Her work is simple while being able to create an emotion. Whether through her fine line drawings or through her large canvases, she represents women who seem to dream, enveloped in a certain melancholy. The artist embarks us into her world, as if time had suddenly stopped. She invites us to observe women with staring eyes. A coldness that catches our attention and which, paradoxically, soothes us. We are currently working on a collaboration that will be slowly revealed beginning of November. The collab is called "Portes bonheur" "Lucky charms" We both beleive on the power and energy that jewelry can give us when worn and we hope that you will trust on these lucky charms to guide you through your journey on earth. All handmade in recycled silver and available in recycled gold vermeil.


    Each NOUARE piece that you will receive is unique and handmade in my London based workshop, created with love and treated by heart.

    ECO AWARE, all the pieces are from eco silver which is made of 100% recycled scrap silver + all of the packagings are from recycled material.

    Please be patient and allow us 10 to 12 days to send your new jewellery.