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We say no to Black Friday!

I believe that my eco-warriors should be consciously purchased. They are Handmade,

unique with a meaning behind each piece and made to last a lifetime.

They are rarely on sale and if they are it is because the date is important for Nouare.

First: What is Black Friday?

Black Friday was invented in the US first. Thanksgiving is on the fourth Thursday in

November, the Friday after is often a day off work (an unofficial Holiday). Perfect day for

Christmas shopping!

So they decided to drop prices in the shops (only for the day) to start the Christmas season.

Uk started following the trend around 2010 and since then it has been a peak pre-Christmas

sales. Successful day for retailers it is the biggest shopping event of the year!

Why should we not take part on Black Friday?

Everyone has the choice to be conscious when buying.

The fashion industry is part of a huge environmental problem. Here is a link to a very

interesting conversation about 'The Clothing Waste Crisis' and everyone should be aware of

the disaster it is creating on our beautiful planet Earth. And because we care for our planet

we need to take action.

What we can do instead of over consuming?

1. Check what you have at home and try to be creative whit what is already here

2. Ask yourself: Do I need this or do I need that?

3. If you want or need something, try to swap your old clothes, have a look in charity

and vintage shops, go on Vinted... possibilities are endless and there is a lot of

beautiful second-hand garments waiting for you out there!

4. Buy Local, Support a small business




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