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Recycled Metal And Care Tips

I believe that beautiful fashion doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment. My goal is to ensure that I am always searching for the most sustainable, cruelty-free materials.

Handcrafted with Mother Nature in mind.

When I started Nouare Jewelry, it was clear for me that my products had to have a positive impact on the environment.

In the design and crafting process, I aim to ensure that no metal goes to waste. I use 100% recycled silver, ethically sourced in the UK. And my scrap of recycled silver are also recycled by myself or by my metal supplier depending on what I am doing with it.

Eco silver is an eco-friendly alternative which is manufactured using recycled silver from the jewellery, giftware, medical and electronic industries.

The chains are made of sterling silver and 18 carats gold filled. As I can't find a recycled silver chains supplier. For now, I am working with a UK based Company that offer quality products.

I believe in buying less and buying quality,  which means we have to know how to look after our jewelry

Recycled Silver

All of the jewelry pieces are made with recycled silver that is never filled or plated to create jewelry that lasts.

Care: silver naturally oxidizes so when not wearing your piece, it should be placed in the cotton pouch provided with your jewellery.

My special tips to clean your jewellery at no extra cost: Use any dish soap and an old toothbrush to slowly brush and clean the metal.

You can also leave the jewellery for 15min in hot water in whish you have added some lemon juice and bicarbonate, then delicately brush with an old toothbrush.

Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil is gold plated over the recycled silver and is always of 3 microns with 18K gold. It is thicker than regular gold plating commonly found in the market. So it insure a very good lasting if you are taking care of your jewellery pieces.

Care: To keep your jewelry in good conditions, Do not swim, bath or shower with it and avoid exposure to heat and moisture and perfume when possible.

When removing your jewellery it is safer to put it back in the little pouch or boxe that is provided when purchasing a Nouare jewelry piece. To clean, use a dry cotton cloth to gently buff your piece. Do not use jewelry cleaners on gold vermeil pieces as it would maybe remove the plating or damage it.

* Ear posts and backs are all recycled silver & hypoallergenic as well. Since solid silver is a malleable precious metal, ear backs can get loose. It can be adjusted back onto the ear post if loose.

If you have any questions about your jewellery please get in touch with me and I will be happy to help you.




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