Each NOUARE piece is unique and handmade in my London based workshop. The jewellery are carefully thought-out and designed before being hand-crafted. Eco aware, all of the silver pieces are made of eco silver as well as the Business cards and packaging are from cotton and recycled paper.

Ecosilver is an eco-friendly alternative which is produced from 100% recycled scrap silver. And it looks the same as any silver.


My name is Marie B,  I am the founder of NOUARE. I studied Art and Fashion between Montpellier and Paris, followed by a degree in management. I have an unbridled passion for creativity and after few years in retail I decided to do a degree in Jewelry manufacture at Holts Academy in London. Always passionated by Art and travel, wherever I go I like to visit local museums and admire the architecture.

I believes that jewelry should delight and endure, and each piece of Nouare jewelry is intended to find a home and give to the holder some peace of mind and sweet night dreams.



NOUARE is Formed by geometric forms, ethnic tribes, lines and things with a sharp edge. Finally, my first inspiration comes from the nature that I find fascinating. These elements combine to create the Nouare aesthetic; Minimalist, timeless and versatile.

 I am passionate about metalwork and embrace the freedom and endless possiblities to makes everything I want with a single sheet of metal. I hope you will love my pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Marie B.